Today, we hear a lot about unemployment for freshers, pink slips to employees. We blame the government and the industry for it and lately even Automation. Agreed, they are responsible. But, to a great extent, even individuals – be it freshers or experienced are responsible for their unemployment, low salaries, demotivated job, etc.

Do we ask yourself?
1. Are there enough jobs in the market for my skillset?
2. Should I keep waiting till the job market change as per my skillset?
3. Why am I demotivated at the job? Is the company growing due to me?
4. Why am I not growing in my organization as compared to peers? Why they are paid more? What do I lack?

It is not necessary that the right job will come searching for you through an email or call from an HR. You may be skilled in A, but it has been long outdated by B. You may have done graduation in Science or Commerce or Engineering but there are only a handful of jobs in that domain. So, You need to attract jobs with the right skillset which is required by the organizations today. You need to identify the skillsets that suit your profile, that can add value, upgrade you and most importantly, something you can learn easily.

And this is exactly what Skillongo wants to solve for you. Help you with the plethora of right courses to equip you with the right skillset. By right courses we mean which are in demand in the market today and the curriculum is upto-date. So you are learning what’s Relevant for today.

Started in 2020, the Goal of Skillongo is to train 100000+ individuals by 2025 across various professional skills.


A Job-Ready Skilled India


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