Become Certified Digital Marketer with 20+ Skills & Be Business or Job Ready
4.2 (18 Learners)
Recommended for:
Job Seekers, Working Professionals,
Freelancers, Entrepreneurs
Mode & Language
Online & English
2 Months
Start Date
15th September, 2020
Live Sessions +
Recorded Sessions
Certification & Outcome
5 Certifications
100% Placement Assistance
Your Business Growth
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  • 2 Months Online Program with 20 Modules. Learn at your home comfort
  • 70+ Hours of LIVE + Recorded Course Curriculum. Study at your own pace
  • 100% Beginner-friendly, so don’t worry about technicalities
  • Portfolio Project and Hands-on Practise to gain practical experience
  • Certification & JobAssistance
  • Learn to Earn as well (This course knowledge will pay you back every step of the way)

Though many companies have adopted Digital Marketing as their key marketing channel, our mainstream educational curriculum does not cover this course either at the graduate or at the postgraduate level. Hence, the industry lacks highly-skilled digital marketers who are job-ready from day one and can deliver excellent results.

To bridge this gap, Skillongo has designed its Digital Marketing Online Certification Program to help you gain expertise in various aspects like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Lead Generation, Web Analytics, Email Marketing & more.

So, enroll for our Digital Marketing Course and become a Pro Digital Marketer.



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Know how our course can benefit you

20 Digital Modules in 2 Months of Power-Packed Online Course
Learn wide at the comfort of your Home

60+ Hours of Online Recorded Course Videos and Materials
Learn in-depth at your own Pace

40+ Hours of Live Instructor-led Interaction and Q&A Session
Don’t miss the Classroom & get all your queries answered

30+ Hours of Hands-on practice and Portfolio projects
Build confidence in implementing Digital Marketing practices

Case study based Learning & Real Industry Data
Learn how Industry does it

Placement Assistance & Mock Interviews
Kick-start your Digital Marketing Career

5 Certifications on Completion
Add immense value to your Resume & Profile

Learn to Earn as well
Time to earn back every penny of the Investment


15 Day Money Back Guarantee
No Worries if you are not Satisfied

12 Months Unlimited Access with Free Upgrades
Keep Re-Learning whenever you need


Digital Marketing skills can be easily adapted by Freshers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs as per their career goals. Moreover, our course can have been designed specifically for individuals who are new to digital skills.
Below are some key reasons to enroll in our Digital Marketing Program –



  • Next Batch Date: 15th September 2020 to 15th November 2020
  • Last Registration Date: 14th September 2020

Live Sessions: Saturday & Sunday – 3 pm to 6 pm – Learn Live with the Instructor. Get your Doubts Resolved
Recorded Sessions: Learn Weekly as per your convenience


Desire to Learn & grow
No Prior Marketing experience needed
Desktop/Laptop with 3-4GB RAM for Project Work
Good Internet connectivity


Every learner is different & hence, we have created 3 plans – LITE, PRO, PRO+PLACEMENT. So, Pay for only what you are looking for.

Plan: LITE

Recommended for Budget Learners or who do not have Laptop/Desktop or need Limited Assistance only

What’s Included?
All 20+ Learning Modules
60+ Hours Recorded Sessions
Case Study
30+ Hours Practicals & Portfolio Project (Self Evaluation)
Forum Support – Clear doubts at any point of time
Bonus Courses
5+ Certification on Completion
12 Months Access
15 Day Money Back Guarantee  

₹ 1,999  ₹ 9,999  80% OFF
That’s ₹ 999 per month x 2 months

EMI starts at ₹ 180/month (Only RBL Bank)

Plan: PRO

Most In-Demand
Recommended for Entrepreneurs, Job-Seekers, Freelancers & those looking for LIVE + Project Experience

What’s Included?
All LITE Features
40+ Hours of Live Sessions
30+ Hours of Practicals & Portfolio Project (Instructor Evaluation)
Doubt Resolution through Chat, Calls at any point of time & also weekly LIVE
5+ Certification on Completion – Digital Marketing Mastery

₹ 6,999  ₹ 19,999  65% OFF
That’s ₹ 3,499 per month x 2 months

EMI starts at ₹ 628/month*

Plan: PRO+Placement

Recommended for Job-Seekers looking for Placement Assistance

What’s Included?
All Pro Features
Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Upto 3 Mock Interviews
100% Placement Assistance

₹ 12,999  ₹ 29,999  57% OFF
That’s ₹ 6,499 per month x 2 months

EMI starts at ₹ 1,167/month*




Our course offers 20 modules to provide you an overall understanding of Digital Marketing across all key channels like Search Engine, Social Media, Display Ads, and more. Each and every module is designed as per the Latest Industry standards and by professionals with deep experience in this field.

Through our best-in-class curriculum, students can have both basic to advanced aspects of Digital Marketing along with Case-study based learning, practical hands-on, and Portfolio project. Thus, it helps you become a Pro Digital Marketer.

  • A quick introduction about the course
  • How it is going to be implemented
  • Introduction to the Learning Management System
  • Discussion on the Portfolio Project


  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  • 4Ps of Marketing, STP, Communication Model
  • Different types of Consumer Model, Need Analysis
  • Persona Building
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing & Different Modules
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Terms
  • Objectives & Elements of Digital Strategy
  • The growing importance of Vernacular in Digital
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Buying Domain & Hosting
  • Build a WordPress Blog, ecommerce website
  • Build a Shopify website
  • Understanding Webpage Structure
  • Assignment & Portfolio Project
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Implementing Google Analytics
  • Understanding Different Google Analytics Report and how to understand them
  • Analyzing Campaigns with Analytics
  • Setting Goals & Funnels, Custom Metrics & Dimensions, Segments & Filters, Event Creation & Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Attribution Modelling
  • Implementing GA using Google Tag Manager
  • Overview of Other Analytic Tools
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • What is a Marketing Funnel?
  • What is a Customer Journey?
  • What is Lead Generation?
  • Different Types of Lead Funnel
  • Simple Way of Lead Generation
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Channels & Methodology
  • Creating Pillar & Cluster Topics
  • Conversation Strategy
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Content Repurposing & Distribution
  • Creating Content Calendar & Content Ideas
  • Content Creation Framework
  • Creating a Long Term Content Strategy
  • Promote a Blog
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Content Research and Planning
  • How to write with Right Flow, Engaging Content
  • Different Content Tools
  • Measuring & Analyzing your Content
  • Project Work
  • Introduction to Copy Writing and Story Telling
  • Difference between Content Writing, Copy Writing, Story Telling
  • Why Copy writing and Story-Telling is important to succeed
  • Different Copy writing and Story Telling strategies to gain more Action
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to SEO & SERP
  • Understanding Different Algorithms, Ranking Factors, SEO strategies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Planning & Research
  • On-Page & Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO & Link building
  • Website Auditing & SEO Content Writing
  • SEO with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Local SEO & Google My Business
  • Mobile & International SEO
  • How to do SEO in 2020
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Social Media, different channels
  • Why Use Social Media and how to build your community
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Facebook Page Marketing, Posting, Best Practices
  • Instagram Business Profile Marketing, Posting, Best Practices
  • Twitter Profile Marketing, Posting, Best Practices
  • LinkedIn Company Page, Profile & Posting Best Practices
  • Why & how to use Quora, Traffic Building Strategies
  • Tiktok Account Creation, Content Strategy, Best Practices
  • How to use SM scheduling Tools & create Calendar
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020
  • Social Media Analytics on FB, TW, IG
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • How to monitor your Brand online
  • Social Crisis & Response Management
  • How to improve your Brand Reputation Online
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Influencer Marketing
  • How to Plan the Influencer Campaign
  • How to Identify Right Influencer & Collaborate
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Online Advertisement
  • Different Ad Platforms, Types, Models
  • How to select the right Paid Ads platform for your business
  • Understanding Ad Metrics
  • Creating Perfect Ad Copy
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Create Google Ad Account
  • Ad Campaign Structure
  • Conversion Tracking Set-up
  • Creating Google Search Ad, Google Display Ad, Google Video Ad with Best Practices & Analysis
  • Bidding strategies & Auctions
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Implementation of Facebook Ads
  • Creating FB Ad Account
  • Ad Account vs Business Account
  • FB Campaign Structure
  • FB Ad Objective structures & Creation
  • FB Ads Best Practices & Campaign Analysis
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Pixel Implementation
  • Audience Insights & creating different Audiences
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • How are they different
  • Setting Up Google Ads & Facebook Ads Remarketing List
  • Create Remarketing Ads
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Email and SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing Tools & Set-up
  • How to Capture Emails & build Lists
  • How to Write Effective Emails
  • How to Segment and Personalize
  • Email Analytics
  • Introduction to SMS Marketing Push Notifications
  • Set-up and Sending Notifications
  • How to build the Audience
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Introduction & Implementing to App Store Optimization
  • Assignment
  • Why Video Marketing is Important
  • Create a Youtube channel, Content Strategy, Monetize
  • Creating Videos - Tools, Editing, Introduction, and End
  • Understanding YouTube Analytics
  • Live Video Strategy
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Media Planning for a Campaign with Budget Allocation
  • How to make the right Buying for your Campaign
  • How to measure the success of your Media Plan
  • Assignment & Project Work
  • Self-Assessment for Lite Learners
  • Instructor Assistance & Evaluation for Pro & Pro+Placement Learners

Only for Pro+Placement Learners


In addition to 22 LIVE+Recorded Modules, you can also get access to 8 Recorded Modules which will be shared towards the end of the Course. You can access the same through your Learning Management System.

  • Introduction to Story Telling
  • Why Story-Telling is important to succeed
  • Different Story Telling strategies to gain more Action
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to SMS Marketing
  • SMS Marketing Tools & Set-up
  • How to Capture Mobile Number
  • Introduction to Push Notifications
  • Set-up and Sending Notifications
  • How to build the Audience
  • Introduction & Implementing to App Store Optimization
  • Understanding Conversion Rate at each stage of the Funnel
  • How to identify loop-holes in the funnel
  • Improving Conversion at each stage
  • How to automate entire Marketing Funnel
  • Understanding the Automation Tool
  • Introduction to Drip Marketing
  • How to increase ROI with lesser effort and investment
  • Introduction to Zapier Tools
  • How to create Messenger Bots
  • How to build your business using WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Automation
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • How to increase your business profitably using Affiliate Marketing
  • Assignment & Project Work


Master digital with our course
Our Digital Marketing Program is exhaustive and thus helps you master the domain.
Get ahead of competition
Our Portfolio and Live Projects will differentiate you from your peers.
Earn your certification
Share your achievement with the social world on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and also on your resume.

We have customized our course to meet the needs of different learners. So Enjoy Learning!!!.

Digital Marketing Full Program

  • 20 Digital Modules, 2.5-3 Months of Power-Packed Online Course
  • 70+ Hours of Online Recorded Course Videos and Materials
  • 10+ Hours of Live Interaction and Q&A Session
  • 20-30 Hours of Hands-on practice, Live and Portfolio projects*
  • Real Ad Spending*
  • Mock Interviews
  • Free Access to all Course Upgrades
  • 12 Months Access
  • Mobile Friendly Learning Management System (L.M.S.)
  • Certification on Completion
  • Requirement: Desktop/Laptop with good Internet connectivity
  • Next Batch Date: 25th May 2020
  • Last Registration Date: 24th May 2020
How is the Course Conducted?

Exclusive Lockdown Price
₹ 29,999   ₹ 11,999*
*Additional Project Costs Applicable (?)
EMI starts at ₹ 1,077/month*

Certification in Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program,
Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Program,
Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Program,
Facebook Ads Fundamentals Program,
Google Ads Fundamentals Program

For LITE PLAN Learners


Certification in Digital Marketing Mastery Program,
Search Engine Optimization Mastery Program,
Social Media Marketing Mastery Program,
Facebook Ads Mastery Program,
Google Ads Mastery Program



Skillongo’s course methodology will help you prepare for additional in-demand Industry Certifications which would add value to your RESUME


Vineshkumar Instructor Profile
Vineshkumar Kunhiraman
He is the Founder @ Skillongo. Also, Chief Marketing Officer @ ThatsPersonal & ex-Founder & CEO at High5Store.com.
He is a Growth Marketer with over 9+ years experience in Digital Marketing & E-commerce. Has been successful in growing businesses organically and achieve 8 figure sales.
He is Keen Learner and on a mission to upskill Individuals on various new-age skills.



Learn the best-of-all digital marketing tools required to run a successful Digital Marketing Campaign


We have bundled these courses Free of Cost for job-seekers so that they are ready to take on their job hunting process.


Apart from regular practice, you will also be working on Portfolio building projects that would provide a lot of confidence on taking up any Digital Marketing project.

1 Decide on an Idea which you would love to work upon
2 Build a Website for the Idea
3 Build Digital Marketing Strategy & Presence
4 Build Traffic Organically & through Paid Ads
5 Generate Leads & Optimize Conversions
6 Showcase your Talent to the World
You need to complete this project to claim your Certification
*Additional Project Costs Applicable (?)

Worried about placements? Need not be as we have partnered with Companies & even Agencies to assist you with placement in the kind of role you are looking for.

1 Bonus Course – How to Crack Digital Marketing Interview
2 Bonus Course – Soft Skill Training
3 Bonus Course – Resume Building Training
4 Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
5 Upto 3 Mock Interview with Digital Marketers
6 Atleast 1 Interview Call
7 Career Guidance from Expert
Only for Pro+Placement Plan Learners
Interview Assistance only in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore

Unhappy with the Course after registration?
No worries. We got you covered with our Free Cancellation Policy.

You can cancel your Plan from the start date of the course& claim refund within 15 days.  Know More

REFER & EARN ₹ 1,000






  • Today, consumers spend more time online, especially on their Mobile.
  • Ad Spend in India expected to reach INR 190 Bn by 2020.
  • Total Indian Internet Users expected to cross 75 Cr by 2020. Thanks to low-cost data packages.
  • Hence, Brands are looking for well-trained and experienced Digital Marketing professionals like YOU to reach out to their customers.
  • Over 20L jobs to be created in Digital Marketing by 2020.
  • Job opportunities across specializations like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web Analytics, etc.
  • Job opportunities across industries like eCommerce, Retail, Health care, BFSI, etc. Who does not want a Digital Team today?
  • An entry-level Digital Marketing professional earns between Rs 150,000 and Rs 400,000 annually.
For Job Seekers: You have multiple career role to choose from -
  • Digital Marketing Executive/ Senior / Strategist
  • Search Engine Executive / Senior / Analyst
  • Social Media Executive / Expert / Specialist
  • Inbound Marketing Executive / Manager / Specialist
  • PPC Executive / Senior / Specialist
  • Email Marketing Executive / Senior / Specialist
An entry-level Digital Marketing professional earns between Rs 150,000 and Rs 400,000 annually. For Entrepreneurial or Business opportunities, you can explore -
  • Start your own Digital Marketing agency, eCommerce or any other online business
  • Online Selling through Website, WhatsApp, Social Media
  • Digital Freelancer / Consultant / Remote Opportunities
  • Blogger or YouTuber
  • Tiktok or Instagram Influencer
  • For an existing business, grow it faster digitally
So, get ready for the Digital Transformation in your Career.

The course curriculum is 2 Months with 60+ hours & 35+ hours of Live Interaction + QnA Session. There will be additional 30+ hours of hands-on exercise, Live Projects, Portfolio projects. Students should spend around 12-20 hours per week or 1-2 hours per day for the online course, hands-on, project, additional readings.

Based on your performance in all modules and overall course, you are entitled to below certifications from Skillongo
1. Digital Marketing Mastery Certification for Pro & Pro-Placement Plan + 4 Other Certification
2. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certification for LITE Plan + 4 Other Certification

To earn the Skillongo certification, you need to pass the module exams with 60% exams. The exam will be in a quiz format with multiple options.

Also, you can and should prepare yourself for below industry certifications. You need to prepare yourself through the content provided by each of these certifications before appearing for it. But, since you have already done our Certification program, preparing yourself will be a cakewalk.

5. Google Digital Garage
6. Adwords Display Certification
7. Adwords Mobile Certification
8. Adwords Search Certification
9. Adwords Video Certification
10. Adwords Shopping Certification
11. Bing Ads Certification
12. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
13. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
14. Hubspot Inbound Certification
15. Google Analytics Certification
16. SEMRush SEO Fundamentals
17. SEMRush SEO Toolkit
18. Google Ads Fundamental Certificate
19. Facebook Blueprint Certification (This is a Paid Certification)

This is a fully online Digital Marketing Course.

After you register for the specific batch, you will receive access to the Learning Management system (LMS) along with the schedule atleast 12-24 hours before the course starting date.

On a weekly basis, the course material (videos and other learning material) will be uploaded in the LMS every Monday at 9 am as per the schedule.

You can go through the material and practice hands-on during the weekdays Monday to Friday and even weekends at your own pace and availability. All you need to do is spend 1-3 hours per day.

On every weekend, we will have a Live Interaction and QnA session of the modules of that week for 1-2 hours. LIVE sessions are available only for Pro & Pro+Placement plan.

Though you can go through the recorded sessions at self-pace, we recommend that you complete every module within 1 week from the day it is uploaded. This is to ensure that you are learning at the same pace as that of your batchmates. Also, you have the entire week to work on your assignments, live projects, prepare for the quizzes.

The Course will get over in 12 weeks (approx 3 months).

Post completion of the course material, quizzes & project work, you will be awarded Certification. Post that, students who have enrolled for the Pro+Placement plan will have the time of 2-4 weeks to prepare for the placements.

LITE Plan - This plan is for those who want to learn Digital Marketing. But do not have Laptop / Desktop or are financially challenged.

What's included?
60+ Hours Recorded Sessions
Quizzes to complete each module
Case Study Based Learning
Practicals & Portfolio Project - Though we will provide you the assignments, we will not be accessing the same. Hence, you need to self-evaluate it.
Question & Answer Support - We will ensure all your queries are answered in 6-24 hours, but we will replying only through our Learning Forum
Bonus Courses - These will help Job-seeker learners to prepare themselves on their own.
Certification on Completion - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
*There is no LIVE session included here

PRO Plan - This plan is for those who want to learn Digital Marketing Online without missing LIVE class-room. Also, receive all support from Instructor & team in Project work as well as all Queries

What's included?
All LITE Features
35+ Hours of Live Sessions
Practicals & Portfolio Project - Complete all assignments & Projects and get those evaluated with feedback by sub-Instructor
Question & Answer Support - Get all your queries answered in 6-24 hours through Chat, Calls
Certification on Completion - Digital Marketing Mastery

PRO+Placement Plan - This plan is for job-seekers who want full support from our end in the Placement & Interview process

What's included?
All Pro Features
Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Mock Interviews
100% Placement Assistance
Career Guidance

At Skillongo, we believe in creating digital entrepreneurs. Hence, you have the opportunity to work on your self-project or idea.

You will be building your own website, purchase your own domain, set-up Google email. Also, you will be running ads to promote your own website and social media pages.

Portfolio Project is our U.S.P. as we believe in real project work which can also be extended into a business idea. Also, this project will add a lot of value to your resume and help position you above other candidates.

For Portfolio and Live Projects, there will be additional cost. Details and break-up shared in the below query.

Yes, for the LIVE and Portfolio Project, we recommend you invest approximately Rs 3,000 to have full-fledged learning. But it is purely optional...,kl

Domain - Max Rs 1,000 (Here you need to purchase your own domain. We will be providing you Web-server to host your website). Or else you can use dummy website sub-domains provided by us.

Google and Facebook Ads - Approx Rs 2,000 (This is the minimum investment needed to practice both and promote your Portfolio project. You can spend more if required. You can directly pay for the ads using your Debit or Credit card. For Google Ads, you may receive additional free credits from Google on the basis of the 1st month spend from you). In worst-case scenario, you can invest atleast Rs 1000.

Incase you want to save on Project Costs, you can skip on Ad Spending if you are not planning for specialization in Paid Ads profile. If you want to specialize in Paid Ads, we highly recommend having real ad spending practice. This will help you to demonstrate your knowledge during the interview and when you join the company.

Some of the costs are monthly and hence, you need to stop the services post completion of the course to avoid recurring monthly charges. You will be guided on the same.

We want you to have complete control of your domain, server, ad accounts post-completion of the course. Hence, we highly recommend that you spend on these activities at your end by creating your own accounts and using your own payment modes.

Even if we charge you this amount upfront, you will have to spend this amount at your end and later claim a refund from us. To avoid this inconvenience and also to avoid blocking your monies, we recommend direct spending by you during the course.

Based on the course start-date and schedule, you will be provided with the project completion dates as well. Also, you need not worry as you will have ample time to study the material, do hands-on practice and complete your project. Just be systematic and spend 10-12 hours per week.

You need to complete all assignments by the end of the weekly module.

The entire Portfolio Project to be completed by End of the Course.

No worries. You will have option to retry the exams after some hours. Incase you did not score the expected marks, we recommend you to go through the sections or entire module where you found difficulty. Just revise yourself and give another shot and you will be successful.

Also, there will be no additional charges for re-examination.

You can pay using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, EMI also.

EMI option is available only for selective banks and up to 12 months

No worries! For those who do not have access to a laptop or desktop, you can apply for the LITE plan. In this, you can skip on assignments, hands-on practice, Live & Portfolio building project. And focus only on things which you can do from your mobile.


To make your placement process easier, Skillongo will be providing Resume Building + Soft Skill Training + How to crack Digital Marketing course free of cost to all our Digital Marketing course students. Access to all these free courses will be provided towards the end of the Digital Marketing course. 

The above is provided to learners from all plans.

Apart from that, we will also assist you in 

  1. Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review so that it can impress the recruiter
  2. Mock-Interviews - We will have up to 3 practice interviews with you so that you are confident about the D-Day. We recommend you work on our suggestions before the interview to crack it in 1 go
  3. Interview Calls - We will ensure that you receive at least 1 interview call. We can assist only for companies in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and in other metro cities.
  4. Career Guidance call with our expert so that we help resolve all your career concerns

With all this assistance, you will be in a much better position to crack a Digital Marketing interview. But the onus of clearing the interview lies on You.

To kick-start your assisted Placement service, you need to complete all course material, quizzes & project work & achieve your Certification.

The additional Placement assistance is only provided to learners from Pro-Placement Plan.


As part of Pro-Placement Plan, we provide a multitude of assistance apart from arranging Interview Calls.

Also, we are committed to arranging atleast 1 Interview call with the company in Metro cities only. We may be able to reach out to companies apart from Metro cities, but it is not part of our Placement commitment.

The responsibility of cracking the interview lies in YOU only.

Also, Skillongo would not be responsible if you have any location-based constraints.

Incase we are unable to arrange even 1 Interview Call in 3-month period post Course completion, then you can claim a refund of Rs 3,000.

Congratulations on your placement.

But you can still avail of Placement assistance up to a max of 3 months from the Course start date. You can go for the Offer which meets your requirement.

Currently, we assist Placement only in these cities - Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore & other metro cities. We may be able to provide assistance beyond these cities, but we cannot guarantee the same

Incase you are not from any of these cities or not willing to relocate to these cities, you can go for Mock Interviews, Resume Assistance, Career Guidance. And can avail Rs 3000 discount on Pro+Placement Plan. Please contact us for more details.

You can upgrade your plan whenever required.

You can also downgrade your Plan from Pro-Placement to Pro only before the end of the 12 weeks. Incase you avail of any Pro-Placement service, then you cannot downgrade the plan.

You can downgrade your Plan from Pro to Lite or from Pro-Placement to Lite only within 15 days from the start date of the course.

You can cancel your Plan & claim refund only within 15 days from the start date of the course. Post which, you will have no access to any course material.

Once refunded, the amount will be credited in your account in 7-10 working days.

We will not accept any refunds after the 15th date from the start date of the course.

You can complete the course within 6 months from the course start date. We have batches starting every 30-45 days. Hence, you can switch to any batch without any additional charges.

Also, you can attend the same LIVE session multiple times during the 6 months period. This is to ensure that you get full clarity on the respective module.

Post competition of 6 months, you can renew for a minimum of 1 month. Please contact us for more details.


Join the 5 Days eCommerce Masterclass at just Rs 999 (67% OFF)