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Do you have family, friends, relatives who want to learn Digital Marketing?

Then, do refer them to us as we have created an Extensive Digital Marketing Online Course that meets the needs of all learners - Job Seekers, Learners, Freelancers, etc. You can know more about the course here.

How Does it Work?
1. Share with us your referral's contact details using the form below
2. We would reach out to them (through email, call, Whatsapp) and inform them about our course
3. If they are interested, they will pay and enroll for the course
4. If they do not cancel the admission within the 20th day from the batch start date, then you are eligible for the Referral fee of ₹ 1,000 per enrollment.
5. We will be releasing the pay-out (Commission) between 21st to 30th date from the Course start-date.


Want to refer in bulk? Send us an email with details to ""

Terms & Conditions
1. Skillongo reserves the right to change or stop the Referral Scheme as per their convenience. However, Skillongo will strictly follow the payout terms decided when the user shares the referral details with us. For eg: If the payout commission was Rs 1000 on 2nd July when user shared the details and Skillongo changed it to Rs 500 on 3rd July, the user is eligible for Rs 1000 payout if the referral enrolls for the course. And Skillongo will strictly adhere to it.
2. Skillongi shall pay only and only if the referral pays and enrolls for the course. The referral should not cancel the admission and claim any refund during the first 20 days of the batch. If the referral cancels the admission due to any reason, Skillongo is not liable to pay any commission.
3. Skillongo shall pay the commission between the 21st to 30th of the month based on the Batch the referral has joined. If the referral has joined for the 1st July 2020 batch, then Skillongo shall release the commission between 21st to 30th of July 2020.
4. Skillongo shall contact the referrer for their Paytm contact number or Google Pay contact number or UPI id to transfer the commission only and only if they are eligible for any commission.
5. Skillongo is not responsible for any partnership whatsoever between the Referrer and Referral and any dispute if any to be resolved amicably at their end.
6. Referrer shall not claim any commission for any referral who has either not enrolled for the course or claimed refund as per the Cancellation Policy.
7. Referrer confirms that all details shared with us are sourced in the right manner and Skillongo shall not be responsible for any misuse of any referral's personal data.